Meet The Doctor

Doctor Harvey Garcia

Let me introduce myself. I’m Dr. Harvey Garcia, the founder, owner, and director of Garcia Chiropractic Health and Spine. I became interested in Chiropractic through my brother, Dr. Herb Garcia. Upon fulfilling the pre-chiropractic requirements at Bowling Green State University, I attended and graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC in 1982. Chiropractic became a family tradition when our nephew Dr. Michael Robles graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic in 2011.

Chiropractic health care has been a blessing to my life. It allows me to guide people on their path to health without drugs or surgery. It is rewarding to help people return to health and get their life back. For many people suffering for months to years, it is just not the pain, it is how their condition affects their life. The pain and suffering limits their recreation, daily activities, work, sleep, relationships with their significant other, family and friends. It makes their life smaller by taking away the things they enjoy or the daily routines of life. The excitement and gratification of getting a patient’s life back without drugs or surgery makes Chiropractic a rewarding career.

Chiropractic health care is an effective approach to regaining and maintaining health. If you, your family, or your friends have been suffering with health issues, we may be able to help you. Discover Chiropractic today for a healthy you tomorrow.

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Stay Healthy My Friends!