Peripheral Nueropathy

Concerned about numb hands and feet? You should be.Peripheral Neuropathy is a sign that nerves are degenerating and your health is being completely compromised. If you have been diagnosed with this frequently progressive condition and you are getting worse (weight gain, poor energy, burning, loss of balance), then a Peripheral Neuropathy Screening with Dr. Garcia could be the most important decision of your life.

Learn about a new scientific breakthrough therapy approach with an outstanding success rate. This could make all the difference in your quality of life. Find out why your current therapy could make your Peripheral Neuropathy worse. Discover why everyday foods may be the hidden culprit destroying your nerves and early warning signs that you would never guess are associated with Peripheral Neuropathy. Learn why going beyond simple Diabetes management is crucial and how to reverse the damaging effects.

Get your life back without drugs or surgery. Don’t let the pins and needles feeling, numbness in the hands and feet, tingling or burning sensations, weakness in the arms or legs or sharp shooting pains keep you from enjoying life. Make your Peripheral Neuropathy Screening appointment today or schedule a Free Cosultation. The choice is yours – Get Your Life Back or continue to live a restrictive life.

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